Monday, 28 November 2011

Shearer Left Numb with Speed Loss

Ex-Newcastle captain Alan Shearer has been left feeling numb following the death of former team-mate and close friend Gary Speed.

In an emotional interview, Shearer described his final meeting with the Wales manager after they appeared together on television on Saturday.

Speed's body was found at his family home in Huntington, Chester on Sunday morning. Sources confirmed the body was found hanged.

Shearer said: "We were arranging next weekend. He was coming up to stay at my house with his wife and we were going up to various charity dinners on Friday and Saturday.

"We left the studio at half past two and I walked over to Old Trafford to go and watch Newcastle. I shook his hand and said, 'see you next weekend' - and unfortunately I won't.

"It's incredible. I'm still numb and still shocked like everyone else. You read things in the newspaper and it doesn't happen to one of your best mates.

"I'm just so sad and shocked and feel for (Speed's wife) Louise and his two boys and mum and dad."

Shearer said one of the hardest things to come to terms with is reconciling the circumstances of Speed's death with his attitude and general demeanour on Saturday.

Shearer added: "I was with him and he was happy and joking and we were having a normal mickey-take like we do out of each other, and having a laugh and a joke about our golf trips and holidays that we went on together last year, and planning our next holiday in Portugal next summer with our families and kids."

Shearer's friendship with Speed grew soon after the Welshman was signed by Kenny Dalglish at Newcastle, with Shearer describing his team-mate as "a great footballer and a model pro".

Shearer added: "You're bound to have arguments along the way in football, but no-one ever did with Gary - no-one had a bad word for him.

"He was an incredible guy who you could rely and depend on. Everyone loved him... he was loved because that's the type of guy that he was - he got on with everyone and everyone respected him."