Friday, 16 November 2012

Hometown Froch is Mack Ready

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Carl Froch tipped the scales just below the 168lb limit for his world super-middleweight title defence against Yusuf Mack on Saturday.

The Nottingham fighter said his preparations for the meeting in his hometown with the American could not have gone better.

"I woke up this morning right on the weight and I was pleased about that as I was able to have a small bit of fruit and a few drinks," said Froch, who is hoping a victory against Mack will earn him a rematch with Andre Ward.

"I am feeling good, confident, strong. Everything has gone well, there's no need for any needle or animosity. He has not said much but is coming here to do a job. It is a title shot for him and he will come and give it a go.

"I am on the money and I am ready. As far as I am concerned, he does not have a chance."

Mack has stepped down a division from light-heavyweight to take on Froch.

And he only just made the weight, having to mount the scales a second time minus his shorts after he weighed four ounces over the limit at the first attempt.

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