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OSM - Gareth Could Bale Out Real Perez

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It’s a Real moving day in Madrid today as the world’s most expensive football transfer arrives through the main doors at Santiago Bernabeu, to be presented to the fanatical Madrid fans, at a cost of 100 million euro. Meanwhile through the back door leaves Kaka, once the word’s most valuable football commodity, having agreed a €25m deal to return from whence he came at AC Milan. As the clock ticks towards midnight on the last day of the transfer window, Mesut Ozil will reluctantly leave for North London - but to Emirates Stadium after agreeing a €45m deal with Arsenal. There is a chance that Angel di Maria may also pack his bags.

If so it would balance out nicely for Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez. Who in 24 hours has recovered about €70 million of the cash spent in the capture of Bale. Albeit the cub is crippled with a €590m of debt – and semingky unaffected by UEFA Financial Fair Play rules.

The arrival of Bale clutters a midfield that hosts until now Luka Modric, Ozil, Sammy Khedira, Pepe on occasion, Ronaldo coming deep and the latest bright eyed summer signing Isco. Not forgetting the ageing Xabi Alsono, through whom every ball was passed last season. With fixed back formation of Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Varanne - currently injured - and Rafael Arbeloa, it would seem the latter will be the expendable asset with the arrival of Bale. It will also curtail the strength of left back Marcelo going forward, as the Welsh International loves to maraud down the left flank. 

But Carlo Ancelotti will have to rethink his formation and ensure that Bale gets a starring role. After all he has been given the legendary number 11 shirt at the club worn by the likes of Gento, The only worry at the club being how long it took former Spurs team mate Modric to settle into the Madrid style of play, which was well over a year. Indeed just before he came alive in last season in the knock out stages of the Champions League and was even he seeking a return at one point to White hart Lane given he had seen so little playing time.

With a billion Euros already spent over the years trying to win the tenth Champion League title, the day of that win at Hampden Pak in 2002 is now but a faded and distant memory for the fans. But today they will line up in their thousands to herald the arrival of Bale, who after a phenomenal premier League season has now made a major switch to a league that moves and plays to a very different rhythm. The chances of failure are statistically low, but stranger things have happened.

For the club President it is another day in the sun and filled with self-congratulations after negotiating - an oxymoron - an over exaggerated transfer fee just to ensure his man. Committing in the process Real Madrid to six years of another huge salary in the chase for that golden grail of the champions trophy. The costly failure by Jose Mourinho to achieve that elusive tenth title in his three years is now conveniently forgotten and the Special One is now erased from the short term memory of the Madrid faithful. 

But with Zinedine Zidane standing daily beside Ancelotti, the memories of Hampden will never fade and will remain visible to any doubters. For sure Zizou was the greatest signing Real Madrid made in modern times. His goal in Glasgow that May evening proof of his sheer talent and special ability.

Maybe Gareth will be able to bale out President Perez with something similar this season.

One thing for sure it is mad in Madrid today. The sports daily MARCA has just broken the news that Bale passed his medical in Sanitas....

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