Saturday, 30 January 2016

FIFA Suspend Madrid Transfer Bans

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid have had their Fifa-imposed transfer bans suspended pending their appeals, both Primera División clubs have announced.

The two clubs were banned by the world governing body earlier this month from registering new signings for the next two transfer windows for breaching rules on the international transfer and registration of players aged under 18.

However, both clubs immediately appealed against the ruling – which would mean they are not be able to register any new players until the summer of 2017 after this month’s window closes – and on Friday night they announced the sanction had been provisionally suspended.

Real said in a statement on their official website: “Real Madrid has announced that the Fifa appeal committee has decided to provisionally suspend the sanction imposed on the club.”

Atlético said in a statement: “The Fifa appeal committee has granted the probationary suspension of the sanction imposed by the disciplinary committee of said body that prevented our club from signing national or foreign football players during the next two full periods of recruitment.

“The probationary suspension of said sanction shall be applied pending the outcome of the appeal filed by our club with the appeal committee of the maximum global governing body of football.”

Barcelona were hit with a similar punishment in April 2014 and their appeal to Fifa and the Cas (court of arbitration for sport) ultimately enabled them to sign six players, including Luis Suárez, in the following transfer window while their ban was suspended.

However, the Madrid clubs will not be able to register players this summer if their appeals are rejected before the window opens.

hey could sign players without being able to register them until the ban is lifted, as Barcelona did with Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal.

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