OSM - What we do

Optimum Sports has extensive expertise in sports marketing and media management focused on helping organisations bridge the gap between the two worlds by bringing practical solutions to client’s needs.

We believe it is all about the appropriate on line publishing techniques and the sharing of content, insights,  perspectives and opinions to target audiences. 

In the new world order, social media adds more options and the alternatives take many different forms, Internet forums, blogs, micro blogs, picture-sharing, podcasts, and status updates to name a few.  Or names like Facebook, Twitter, Digg or Blogs. 

We work to help identify any needs and develop the content to sustain a marketing campaign to build brand awareness, profile, or re-position your organisation. 

In our view the only secret to social media activities is to ensure it is sustained.

In many organisations attributing a dedicated resource to these activities becomes an issue over time, and the social media work loses focus as people become busier doing their main jobs. 

Although the Internet maybe free,  the work and content to make it work is not free of work - or effort.

OSM can help:
1. Manage and grow the company’s social media function 
2. Create and develop a commercially focused strategy that best supports any brand marketing plan in place.
3. Manage relationships with all media channels to keep the company and brand visible in the market and industry.
4. Mediate with any other team members to ensure a fresh, constant supply of relevant and newsworthy material to your audience.
5. Be creative with social media activities to maximise customer engagement and the target audience.

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